SurfStitch Group

Giving SurfStich Group a deeper understanding of Boarders


SurfStich, Swell and Surfdome had become part of one family but didn’t have much in common other than being brands for Boarders. We helped unify them under one brand purpose by understanding what motivates Boarders, whether that’s on the beach, on the snow or on the street.

The Problem

SurfStitch Group recently became the parent to three similar but unrelated children (SurfStitch, Swell and Surfdome). Like all children of a similar age, they had similar hobbies and interests but each also had their own personalities and beliefs. Therefore our challenge was to help them find a common purpose, set of values and behaviours that would unify the businesses (the children), helping each of them to grow up to realise their full potential.

The Potential

Through immersive research across the globe, we highlighted that there are only six reasons for regularly participating in board sports (be that at the beach, the snow or the street). Whilst there are obviously some adrenaline junkies, the big revelation came when we highlighted that the biggest motivations for boarding are actually about finding an opportunity to rebalance the body and mind – or ‘regaining perspective’. By way of an example, seven out of ten boarders told us they participate because of how it improves their lives – not how they look or how they want to be seen by others. By focussing on this deeper, more emotional motivation, the business realised they could disrupt their superficial category and anchor around an idea capable of cutting across a range of board sports, right around the globe.

The Plan

Almost immediately, the global business switched their efforts and attentions towards the new brand purpose: to bring people together to help them experience the world from a different perspective. From this they developed the idea of ‘living sideways’. Only by providing the inspiration, equipment and by looking at the world side on can people let go of the pressures of every day and embrace the moment.

We gave three brands a unifying purpose to thrive from