New App Development

Cooking up a conversation with chefs for a new start-up

Exploring a new product concept centred around Chefs and their love of food


While kicking off a new start-up business can be an exciting and rewarding endeavour, it’s a challenging one full of risks – many fail in the process of establishing themselves in the market. The Leading Edge helped guide the way with one of the most important steps, getting the right idea before committing investment.

The Potential

Our team worked closely with our client, developing an approach to explore early phase concepts and conduct UX testing of designs in focus groups. We spoke to chefs of various backgrounds, cuisine areas, years of experience and establishments.

With greater insight into the needs and requirements of chefs, our work has helped shape the product concept and guide the direction of the new business idea.

We helped a start-up understand the opportunity and refine their product for launch