Mr. Kipling, Premier Foods

​Getting to the heart of the Mr. Kipling brand

We gave the Mr. Kipling brand a new lease of life


We worked with Premier foods to establish a credible and compelling consumer-validated repositioning for Mr. Kipling that sets them up for long term growth. We needed to leverage existing brand equity and heritage but use this to build a sustainable brand with longevity.

Mr. Kipling, Premier Foods

The Problem

Mr. Kipling is a household name with a rich 50-year history. However, with the ever-increasing competition in the ‘sweet treats’ category, from cake to chocolate and sweets, Mr. Kipling was struggling to demonstrate their unique relevance to life today. Premier Foods needed to make the brand meaningful for new generations of buyers.

We were tasked with creating a positioning that made the nostalgic brand feel relevant for consumers both today and into the future.

Mr. Kipling, Premier Foods

The Potential

We partnered with Premier Foods to understand how we can bring Mr. Kipling well and truly into the 21st century by understanding the positive role that the brand plays in people’s lives today.

We conducted focus groups across the country to gain an in-depth understanding of the Mr. Kipling consumer. We found that for our consumers, it was the little things that matter to them in their day to day lives - but these little things are often overlooked.

Mr. Kipling champions the little things. The little things that bring more enjoyment to everyday - like an Exceedingly Good cake from Mr. Kipling. A sneak peak on Instagram reflected this – people across the UK were sharing photos of their Mr. Kipling cakes. Proving that ‘a little thing that brings more enjoyment to the everyday’ is exactly what Mr Kipling already is.

Mr. Kipling, Premier Foods

The Plan

We brought this positioning to life with clearly articulated ‘reasons to believe’, values, personality, brand assets and provided clear direction for future innovation with guardrails for packaging, product development, comms, advertising and CSR.

This positioning directly fed Mr. Kipling’s campaign idea and creative execution developed by McCann, called “Little Thief”. 

Advertising pre-testing told us the ad performed in the top 17% of the UK System 1 database (based on 2000 ad tested in the UK past 2 years). And we saw an RSV ROI of £3.01 which not only outperformed previous Mr. Kipling campaigns but placed “Little Thief” at the top end of category benchmarks for an FMCG brand Mr. Kipling’s size.

Across all of this insight driven work, including twenty focus groups and 550 quant interviews, we’ve seen a phenomenal return – our sales are up 8% (IRI), our brand share by 1% (Kantar) and we’ve brought new users building penetration to 40% (from 37%) in just six months since launch. We are continuing to use our new positioning to drive our brand growth through our NPD pipeline – check your supermarket in May 2019!

We reinvigorated Mr. Kipling by uncovering the relevance of the brand today to set them up for future growth