Developing a compelling proposition to fuel the ongoing success of Gousto


Gousto, although relatively new in the UK, has proven to be extremely successful, very quickly. In order to differentiate and elevate the brand above the competition, in particular their number one competitor, the business identified the need to invest in the development of the future brand proposition.

The Problem

Gousto offers a raft of tangible and identifiable advantages over its biggest competitor in recipe variety, tailoring and flexibility, however historically they have spent less on marketing to make these features well known. In the absence of well-known features (and their associated benefits), it has been difficult for Gousto to elevate themselves above the competition. Gousto needed to find a common purpose, set of values and behaviours that would help them to optimise their proposition and user experience in order to realise their future growth potential.

The Potential

Through a mix of exploratory research and co-creation with current and competitor box users, we discovered 17 opportunity spaces for Gousto, to help more people to unlock the possibilities of home cooking more often.

The Plan

We then developed a clear roadmap for future activation and brand growth, by identifying a single-minded and meaningful brand proposition, purpose and architecture, complete with activation ideas and tone of voice guidelines. Thanks to our work the business switched their efforts and attentions towards the new brand purpose.

We gave a flourishing brand the food to thrive