Elevit, Bayer

Helping Bayer serve the evolving needs of mums.


The success of a brand sometimes leads to unintended consequences. Elevit was such a case. The brand’s ability to significantly reduce the chance of Spina Bifada is so well regarded that once mums reach the end of their first trimester, many stop taking the product – believing that it has successfully done its job. As such, Bayer were looking for ways to extend brand usage beyond this stage of the pregnancy journey.

The Problem

Elevit, from Bayer, is one of the world’s leading planning and early pregnancy vitamin supplements. But its ability to significantly reduce the chances of Spina Bifada in early pregnancy also means that after the first trimester, many mums-to-be stop taking the product. Bayer were therefore looking for ways to extend usage throughout pregnancy and (if possible) into early motherhood.

The Potential

Through extensive research, undertaken in a number of different countries, we learned that the worries and needs of mums changes throughout the motherhood journey. Unsurprisingly, in early pregnancy the focus centres on the healthy development of the foetus. However, as the pregnancy moves into the second and third trimesters, the focus shifts as mum’s concern is to ensure that their growing baby is thriving. Then, when the baby is born, their focus switches to their nutritional needs (through breastfeeding). By understanding these evolving needs, Bayer were able to work with their scientists to develop a tailored range of products.

The plan

From this work Bayer have redeveloped their whole brand positioning and strategy. They are now positioning themselves as a brand to help with the increased and changing needs of women who are trying to conceive, who are pregnant or who are breastfeeding. In support of this, Elevit are currently in the process of developing and launching three tailored products, to reflect the evolving needs of mums. In essence, working together with Bayer, we have extended the brand way beyond its core and done it in a way that’s both relevant and credible to mums.

We identified how Bayer’s Elevit supplement can extend its usage