TEDxLondon: a cultural commentary on confidence

On Sunday I attended my first live TED event. Having watched TED talks for a long time, TED has changed the way I learn about the world and people. I’m addicted to the way a TED talk makes me feel; connected, uplifted, educated.

TEDxLondon: a cultural commentary on confidence

I am honoured to have been at TEDxLondon on Sunday. Following the previous night’s incidents in London Bridge and Borough Market, their event on Confidence was the perfect antidote to the fear incited by the attacks. Londoners came together; the tube was busy, the streets were bustling and people held their heads high. Host of the event, Rick Edwards, gave an emotional introduction. “Londoners are not reeling, we are defiant” he said.

Confidence is what keeps us going in the face of adversity. I don’t think it can be taught. But I do believe it can be inspired.

I could give you a rundown of everything the speakers talked about, but I would never do it justice. I could never capture their stories the way they did on stage, so you should read about the speakers here and watch their talks when they are published on TED.  Every talk at TEDxLondon influenced me in some way; by making me consider what I am confident about or how I can help others feel more confident or how we can have the confidence to change the world.

Almost a week later, thoughts and emotions triggered by the speakers still have a stronghold in my mind. It’s clear that Confidence takes so many forms. Having confidence in yourself, your abilities and others can change the world - whether that’s your world, your community’s world or the entire world.

There is a power unlike any other in letting yourself be inspired and inspiring others

It takes confidence to get on stage. It takes confidence to go on a journey, whatever that journey might look like.  Inspiring others with confidence while you’re on your journey is truly special and it’s what I adore about TED talks. There is a power unlike any other in letting yourself be inspired and inspiring others.  

Inspiring others to have confidence in you and your abilities is at the core of what makes our society work.  This morning’s results on the snap election in the UK shows just how vital confidence is – and how the absence of confidence can be destabilising.