The pursuit of GREATNESS: building brands for a sustainable future in the UK

How do you build a GREAT brand? Our latest report reveals our research findings on how brands need to behave to become truly GREAT. Download our full report below.

The pursuit of GREATNESS: building brands for a sustainable future in the UK

The Leading Edge have launched a UK report that gives a clear steer on how brands can implement key strategies in order to become truly GREAT and how to activate and communicate them.

The study surveyed people in the UK and Australia, exploring what makes brands great. “Our study shows that what consumers want from brands has changed,” says Daniela Fernandez, Managing Partner at The Leading Edge. “They want brands that are much more than just good quality, distinct and trustworthy; they want GREAT brands. These GREAT brands are caring, enduring, socially responsible – sustainable in every sense of the word. This is what makes our research so fascinating, people want brands to do more, be more.”

Findings reveal that GREAT brands have five distinct qualities: Passionate Vision, Connected Care, Active Social Change, Celebrating Origins and Human Inspiration. Furthermore, brands considered GREAT have several commercial advantages: more buzz, more loyalty, more momentum and more engagement.

The report identified that becoming a GREAT brand requires focus, discipline and bravery from marketers and requires businesses to change their mindset to a ‘constant pursuit of GREATNESS’.

“GREATNESS is a pursuit that brands and businesses need to constantly work at, and it requires a long-term mentality,” says Fernandez. “But this pursuit has amazing benefits: it helps brands transcend their category and creates a bond between the business (employees and stakeholders) and their customers, the local community, and our planet. So in essence, everybody wins from it.”

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