Account Manager - Qualitative Focus

The Role:

The Account Manager is an innately people-centric and strategic market research professional, who has demonstrated aptitude across multiple areas of research and strategic thinking. You should be culturally curious, able to get to the bottom of why different groups of people have different triggers and reasons to believe. From this you’ll be a natural storyteller, able to craft content for clients that is compelling and concise. This role requires individuals who can competently manage and deliver projects end to end, both in terms of organisation and thinking. The key objective is to deliver client delight and trust by consistently meeting and exceeding project objectives, whilst building strong relationships for the future.

The role is very much “hands on” in terms of project work.

The Day to Day:


  • Working within a team to deliver international and local project objectives
  • Developing exposure to clients through day to day handling of queries on projects, building relationships through these interactions
  • Engaging clients with new thinking in their industry and makes regular, proactive client contact
  • Can demonstrate examples of client delight in project delivery


  • Analytical and questioning skills used consistently to allow full interrogation of a client brief / problem, arriving at an independent point of view around a solution which can be articulated
  • Developing articulate and clear points of view around the optimum research solution
  • Developing consultative listening skills to go deeper into the root causes of client questions
  • Preparing clear, concise and persuasive research proposals, drawing in advice and support from other team members
  • Working within a team to deliver international and local project objectives

Project Delivery

  • Responsible for full project management from design, through to fieldwork, analysis and reporting
  • Provides clear and relevant input into analysis sessions, based around clear hypotheses and supporting evidence
  • Interprets and analyses data to formulate appropriate conclusions for clients
  • Constructs clear debriefs, providing a robust and clear point of view on the best ways for clients to move forward, supported by strong analytical frameworks and evidence
  • Ability to independently write high quality, accurate, presentations on smaller projects, or feed into presentations on more complicated projects
  • Presents findings and recommendations to clients usually in conjunction with senior support in a confident, clear and engaging way
  • Competent in all areas of moderation (group discussions to online communities)
  • Able to write recruitment specifications and high quality discussion guides – including the ability to incorporate relevant projective techniques
  • Understanding of Quant skills and an appetite to develop those skills further
  • Experience in costing and designing projects, ability to use financial management systems effectively to maintain or accentuate expected gross profit margins


  • Proactively offers assistance to others in the team when necessary
  • Helps coach and mentor junior team members on functional/logistical skills, as well as helping develop foundational research understanding and skills
  • Makes a positive, tangible and recognisable contribution to the underlying revenue of their associated client teams

You will:

  • Be degree level educated, ideally in a field that is people/culturally focussed
  • Have at least 4 years’ experience within the research and strategy world
  • Have strong international project experience
  • Be able to travel for work, and keen to do this to drive the best project outcomes
  • Have experience with a wide variety of different analytical frameworks and a broad range of methodologies
  • Be confident with presenting to clients and focus groups as necessary – believing in your story sharing this convincingly
  • Be self-motivated person with lots of ambition and a desire to improve across everything you do
  • Possess an inquisitive, questioning and creative mind
  • Have the ability to see the big picture and be excited about possibilities and opportunities
  • Exhibit a calm and solutions focused persona, even when under pressure
  • Always be willing to help out and go the extra mile for clients and colleagues
  • Demonstrate a passion for your work and clients, sharing relevant new information with colleagues, conducting knowledge shares and keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s going on
  • Flag training and other developmental opportunities with your Line Manager as appropriate

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